29 septiembre 2011

Falling in love tour.

CSS saca video de su nuevo disco, La Liberación.
Me tengo que aprender esos pasos de baile para el 15 de Octubre. (NOT)
El mensaje de CSS para el público:
We are so excited to be back in America (and Mexico City… and Vancouver!).
Tour starts on October first with the amazing MEN! Touring is wonderful but doing it with friends is even better.
We wanna make the shows really special. Think of the school dance you've never had because you were too young to know better.
It will be a dance party from begining till the end = In between bands there will be music (we're making amazing playlists) and ROMANTIC atmosphere.
And since we love RU PAUL'S DRAG RACE SO MUCH we'll have local drag queens lipsyncing for their lives at many of the shows.
So come early and start a dance with a stranger! We want everyone to fall in love!

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